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Mendokusee Shopping
Shikamaru. Was. So. Freaking. Pissed. Here he was, wasting the saturday before the dance at the mall, looking for an outfit to wear. Plus his mother had put him under orders to find something nice for Temari as well. "Since that poor girl's going to have to put up with you all night," said his mother. "The least you can do is buy her something good!" The Nara just sighs, shaking his head. "Mendokusee... that damn woman didn't even give me any money for all this. What a drag...."

Making his way through the food court, he looks around, trying to decide where he should go to shop. He needed a nice outfit, a gift for Temari, and a new shogi board.

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*just got himself a couple of tacos from the food court when he spots a familiar student of his standing there helplessly. He takes the bag of food, pays for the meal, and then carries his baggage over to the kid; he had to pick up the wedding bands, and Anko made him leave the house to get some more flannel shirts :\*

I think a mall would be one of the few places I would spot you here. *chuckles*

Shikamaru blinks, looking over to Asuma with a disgruntled expression. "Yeah, well. It's not like I have a lot of choice. The luau's coming up and my mom said I need something to wear. Plus I need to pick out a new shogi board, mine is getting pretty beat up." He frowns, looking around. He wasn't even sure where to find the sorts of things he'd need... what did one wear to a luau anyway?

*doesn't want to even discuss what he's being force to wear at the luau. He already feels ridiculous just thinking about it.*

Don't buy a new one...I have a gentle used shogi board at my place. I can just give you it. *shrugs a bit and scratches his head a bit*

...I dunno, a tank top, swimming trunks, and flipflops? *wishes he would get to wear that, but noooo*

Shikamaru blinks, looking at him with a slight sparkle in his eyes. "Really? Thanks Asuma-sensei!" He smiles, thinking for a moment. "Maybe a pair of slacks and a hawaiian shirt.....?"

*smiles* Not a problem. Anko usually gets fed up with the strategy games after awhile and it's just sitting on my shelf collecting dust so I know you'll put it to good use.

*scratches the back of his neck* Yeah that could work too. *really wishes he gets to wear that >8[*

Shikamaru nods, thinking to himself for a moment before looking at Asuma. "What are you gonna wear, sensei?" It might give him some idea as to what to buy. don't want to know.

Shikamaru was now VERY curious, but wasn't about to push the topic. "I see. Well.... When can I come and get the board?"

*stay curious until the 5th >:|*

Whenever you want to? *blinks* I'm not on a schedule.

He nods. "I'll come over later today then. I've got nothing else going on after all. Besides, I'm sure it won't take that long to shop for clothes." He shrugs, waving to the fellow smoker. "Ja ne, Asuma-sensei."

*is currently walking from the petshop, a brown bag filld with toys and things for Kamatari. Kamatari was inside the bag, moving around, freaking people out* I'm thinking we get some ice cream. Frozen yogurt for you? *the weasel churrs at her and goes back to rolling around in the bag*

Shikamaru sighs, looking around as he tries to decide where to go to get Temari's present. What would one even GET a girl like her, anyway? He certainly didn't have a clue.....

*stops in front of the game store, her eyes widening at the Fallout: New Vegas game display and preorder information. She thinks and sighs, if she bought that, she wouldn't have money for groceries and rent this month. Damnit. She sighs* oh well.

Shikamaru blinks, spotting Temari in front of the game shop. She sure was looking at that display intently. He smirks, getting an idea. He walks just past her, heading for the counter. "Hey there, I want to pre-order Fallout:New Vegas."

*twitch* was that little bastard buying it? Fuck...Now she'd have to be nice to him so she could play. That didn't make her feel great.* I didn't know you played Fallout, Nara.

Shikamaru looks over at her after paying the man. the full amount. "I don't." He takes his receipt walking over to her with a smirk. "What are you doing here? Shopping for the luau?"

Then...why're you buying the game? *confused Temari is confused* Uhm...No..My weasel tore apart the last of his toys...and was working on the couch, so I bought him some new ones. *points to the writhing bag of weasel and toys* I was about to head to the ice cream shop. You wanna come?

"I have my reasons." He sighs. "Yeah, sure. I've got time to kill." He thinks to himself, wondering how he could work his thoughts on the luau outfit into the conversation.

She shrugs and walks with him towards the ice cream place in the mall, her eyes foward. "So....Talked to Ino recently?" she asks, looking at him as she reaches into her bag, playing with Kamatari.

"A couple days ago, why do you ask?" He watches her from just behind as they make their way to the Baskin Robbins, thinking to himself. This was weird....

Dunno. she seemed to want to set us up or something. I dunno. *she gets to the place, looking over the menu.* I'm thinking a chocolate cone for me, and straberry frozen yogurt for my weasel. what do you want?

"Moose Tracks." He shrugs, sighing. "Ino's always like that, doing troublesome things she doesn't have to about situations she doesn't understand. It's gotten us all into trouble before." He frowns, recalling the riot back in middle school.

*laughs and smiles at him.* yeaqh well, it happens. *hands him his moosetracks cone, grabbing hers and getting the frozen yogurt in a dish before sitting down and setting the dish on the table. Kamatari jumps out and begins eating. Every once in a while he'll stop and make a face before continuing*

"True enough, but that's hardly an acceptable reason for causing a riot." He sighs and shakes his head, beginning to lick at his cone. It was quite tasty. "Hey, what colors are you wearing at the luau anyway?"

Purple...light and dark...probably white too...why? *blinks a few times*

"Just curious." He shrugs, thinking to himself. "It would probably be best if we wore compatible colors, that's all." Plus he had an idea for a gift for her.

Uhm....I guess. *shrugs and eats her ice cream kthnx*

He sits and eats his as well in silence, thinking to himself.

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