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A Mendokusee Entrance
What. A. Drag. Why the hell had his mother forced him into this goddamned school? He hadn't been THAT bad at his old school had he? I mean really.... Oh well. Shikamaru supposed things could have been worse, something like military school or something. Still, having to figure out a new classroom and locker numbering system was such a drag.... he'd rather be sitting on the roof or in the courtyard, watching the clouds go by as he made a few of his own.... he pats the new cigarette box and lighter in his pocket. His only true vice. At least, in his opinion.

He continues down the hallway, looking at the locker numbers.... and trying to figure out what the hell was up with all the spraypaint.

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*is standing at her purple and white locker, getting her books*

Shikamaru sighs as he makes his way down the hallway, glancing at the blonde girl before pausing. She.... was kinda cute.

*looks up and blinks a few times*

What're you looking at?

*Is shoving a messy stack of papers into his unpainted normal locker to join the other messy crumpled and unwanted papers before slamming the door closed and trying to slide the lock through without the locker flying open again*

Shikmaru blinks, raising an eyebrow as he sees this, walking over and taking out a small eraser from his pocket and jamming it between the door and frame of the locker, forcing it to stay in place as he walks by, bored. There. Good deed for the day. Or, something troublesome like that.

*Who the hell is this kid??*

Oi thanks- *calls after him and manages to get the lock in place*

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Shikamaru sighs, shaking his head as he walks into the courtyard, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it, smiling as he releases his first drag. That felt so good.

*follows* You can't smoke here.

*cigarette radar went off and he goes lurking. What better way to spend a study hall hour than to find a possible smoking buddy*

Shikamaru releases another puff of smoke, watching it slowly wind its way up towards the many other clouds up in the air. It was rather.... odd... how much this calmed him.

*steps up behind him and lights a cigarette before peering over the kid's shoulder*

...what kind?

Incredibly late but.- welcome! So glad to see a Shika.


Re: Incredibly late but.- welcome! So glad to see a Shika.

*blink* Oh...Hey....Ino.....

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