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Summertime, and the living's easy.
The Nara sighs as he comes out of the bookstore, looking at the titles in his arms. Stupid summer reading. He loved reading, but not when it was forced upon you. Besides, it's not like the teachers ever assigned anything truly interesting to read over the summer, it was always the same tried and true, boring-as-hell books. Man... if only there was a way to avoid all this.

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*Oh, look who's come to rape entertain him!*
Hey Shika-baby~ *hugs from behind*

He blinks, smirking over his shoulder at her. He was starting to get used to the name. "Hey. Where have you been the past few days?

Busy trying to find a better job so I can let Kimi have his room back. *she closes her eyes and leans on him.* I feel bad.

He nods and sighs. "Understandably. I'd offer you a spot but you know I can't. My parents would flip if they so much as knew about you."

I don't know why...*frowns and cuddles up to him* It's not like I'm a bad person. So I drink. I wouldn't do that around them...

Shika sighs and nods, looking at her. "I think it's more to do with me than you. It'd be entirely impossible for them to just accept I had found a girl I like."

*closes her eyes and rests her lips against the back of his neck* prove them wrong.

He looks at her, blushing slightly. "I can try... but I sure as hell don't know how we would. My mom's.... kinda prudish."

*smiles* She as unprudish enough to conceive you. *smiles and leans against him more*

"YEah, I guess." He frowns, sighing as he thinks to himself for a moment, wondering.

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