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A Mendokusee Entrance
What. A. Drag. Why the hell had his mother forced him into this goddamned school? He hadn't been THAT bad at his old school had he? I mean really.... Oh well. Shikamaru supposed things could have been worse, something like military school or something. Still, having to figure out a new classroom and locker numbering system was such a drag.... he'd rather be sitting on the roof or in the courtyard, watching the clouds go by as he made a few of his own.... he pats the new cigarette box and lighter in his pocket. His only true vice. At least, in his opinion.

He continues down the hallway, looking at the locker numbers.... and trying to figure out what the hell was up with all the spraypaint.

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*is standing at her purple and white locker, getting her books*

Shikamaru sighs as he makes his way down the hallway, glancing at the blonde girl before pausing. She.... was kinda cute.

*looks up and blinks a few times*

What're you looking at?

Shikamaru blinks in response, before raising an eyebrow. "Nothing. I was trying to follow the locker numbers." He walks off, sighing. Figures. Why did women have to be "Such a drag...."?

*frowns and crosses her arms* What locker are you in? *shuts her own and cocks an eyebrow at him*

He shrugs, looking at the paper in his hands. "307. I assume I'm two hallways down or so guessing from the layout so far."

*thinks and nods, leading him towards his locker* this way. The layout can get confusing sometimes *stops next to it* I would decorate it before Naruto does.

The Nara raises an eyebrow, shaking his head. "It's a locker. IT holds my books. Decorating it would be a drag." He opens the lock, beginning to put his stuff into it.

Alright then. But when Naruto and Kiba paint penises and shit on it, I don't want to hear it *walks away*

Shikamaru just shakes his head and sighs, finishing what he was doing before heading to his first class. What a day already....

*Is shoving a messy stack of papers into his unpainted normal locker to join the other messy crumpled and unwanted papers before slamming the door closed and trying to slide the lock through without the locker flying open again*

Shikmaru blinks, raising an eyebrow as he sees this, walking over and taking out a small eraser from his pocket and jamming it between the door and frame of the locker, forcing it to stay in place as he walks by, bored. There. Good deed for the day. Or, something troublesome like that.

*Who the hell is this kid??*

Oi thanks- *calls after him and manages to get the lock in place*

"Whatever. Keep the eraser, it'll make it easier." Shikamaru calls out boredly, before turning a corner. He was bored already... might as well go smoke a cigarette in the courtyard.

*Watches as he leaves. Will have to find out who this kid is later*

(Deleted comment)
Catch flies? What kind of fucking expression is that old lady *taunts and grins*

Guess we can assume he was rejected from somewhere if he's showing up in this shitty excuse for a fucking school.

(Deleted comment)
Why'd it be perfect for me!? *fails to see any correlation*

This place is a step down from anywhere *laughs*

(Deleted comment)
*]<* Fuck you Anko *flips her off playfully*

Yeah...he was walking pretty fucking slow,

and...maple syrup? Am I missing something or should I just not fucking ask in the first place.

(Deleted comment)
Oi no one ever said I was full on gay, but it would never ever work between us *chuckles*

Oh...fucking gross *laughs* Glad I don't fall asleep in your class...syrup would be hell to get out of your hair.

(Deleted comment)
Aww come on- don't I get any special treatment that's good?
I haven't been sleeping well lately either...just a little nap won't hurt Anko.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Shikamaru sighs, shaking his head as he walks into the courtyard, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it, smiling as he releases his first drag. That felt so good.

*follows* You can't smoke here.

Shikamaru blinks, frowning and narrowign his eyes as he stares at Sasuke a moment, taking another drag before releasing the smoke. "And it's any of your business what I'm doing... how?" The Nara was annoyed, he had been needing a nicotine fix, and had it interrupted.

..You won't last long here with that attitude.

Shikamaru raises an eyebrow, curious. "Why would that bother me? I didn't come here willingly after all." Shikamaru shakes his head and sighs as he takes another drag. "Mendokusee... bad enough I'm stuck here thanks to my mother, but now I've got weirdos already taking issue with my habits..."

Fine, have it your way.

Shikamaru blinks, raising an eyebrow. "What, you're going to just drop it after bringing it up? Why waste the energy in the first place then?"

*just wanted an excuse to talk to him >>;* ..Look, I don't care what you do. But some people might.

...*ok is just going to leave now 8|;;*

Shikamaru sighs, shaking his head as he realizes he's being a jackass. "Sorry... it's been a long day and I haven't had any nicotine in my system since last night, so I'm a little edgy. What's your name?"

.........*stops* Sasuke.

* still going to leave though*

"Shikamaru. Nice to meet you, I guess." The Nara wouldn't stop him if he wanted to leave.

..Yeah, sure. *yes is definitely going*

*cigarette radar went off and he goes lurking. What better way to spend a study hall hour than to find a possible smoking buddy*

Shikamaru releases another puff of smoke, watching it slowly wind its way up towards the many other clouds up in the air. It was rather.... odd... how much this calmed him.

*steps up behind him and lights a cigarette before peering over the kid's shoulder*

...what kind?

Shikamaru blinks, looking at Asuma before shrugging. "Camel Crush, I've got a thing for menthols." He takes another drag, thinking to himself as he looks at the clouds once again. "You?"

*waves the white and red pack out before pocketing it*

Marlboro man myself...menthols don't do jack for me. *shrugs a bit* So...I take it you're new or you accidentally got dropped off at the wrong school?

"New, unfortunately." He sighs and shakes his head. "My mother got annoyed at my grades so she decided to send me here. nothign but a pain, really."

Heh, I'll warn you now kid...Grades won't be the only thing your mom will be worrying about. *takes a long drag from his cigarette*

"I suppose." Shikamaru shrugs, not really concerned about it. After all, he had picked up this damn habit because of her in the first place. "Now like it's my problem."

Incredibly late but.- welcome! So glad to see a Shika.


Re: Incredibly late but.- welcome! So glad to see a Shika.

*blink* Oh...Hey....Ino.....

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