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Shikamaru sighs as he looks around, finding all this a bit unnecessary. Why on earth where they bothering to throw him a birthday party? He would have been perfectly happy watching the clouds with Choji and Temari rather then dealing with everyone and everything going on. And why had his mother invited the whole damn school? It certainly didn't make any sense to the young Nara, that's for sure. But, he didn't have much choice, thus why he was here.

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"You know...this is boring..." Temari sighs, flopping into Shika's lap. "There's not even any booze. Can I spike the punch?" she asked teasingly, smirking down at him.

"No, you cannot spike the punch." He frowns at her. "Kiba's already working on it. Besides, I'd rather not have a bunch of drunken teenagers running around my yard, thanks."

"Damn." She leans on him, bored now that she wasn't allowed to have fun. "Be glad you're so good in bed or else I wouldn't listen to you."

"Yeah, yeah." He sighs. "Love ya too, Temari." Even if you are troublesome sometimes. He pulls out a cig, lighting up and sighing as he takes the first drag. He needed it.

She snags the cigarette. "Didn't I tell you not to do that around me?" she said, frowning. "It makes Kimi nausious."

For whatever reason, despite being a new student who did not even know Nara Shikamaru, Lee had been invited to attend said person's birthday party. He'd been very excited upon receiving the invitation, though highly confused, and wasn't even sure if he'd managed to find the right house.

That was until he saw the decorations. He smiled, and greeted the party at large since he wasn't sure who the birthday boy was, "Hello! I am Rock Lee, here to celebrate the birthday of Nara Shikamaru!!!"

Shikamaru twitches, having been standing RIGHT next to Lee when he had let loose with that... enthusiastic.... greeting. "Um... thanks, I guess?" He just kind of stares at him with a raised eyebrow. Who was this kid?

Lee beamed. "Are you Nara Shikamaru?!" he asked. "I hope you are having a good birthday, and thank you for the invitation! I know I do not know you for I am new to school, but I greatly appreciate it and hope that we can be good friends!!!"

He quickly gave a thumbs up, the sun catching his smile making it sparkle.

He twitches, nodding. "Yeah... nice to meet you too..." He looks away as he takes a drag from his cigarette, tyring his best not to get blinded. Did this guy brush his teeth twenty times a day or something?

Lee frowned. "Are you old enough to be smoking!?!" he asked, shocked and appalled.

[Somewhere. In the distance.]


[Getting increasingly closer.]


Happy birthday. For the both of us! [Pause. YOU DID REMEMBER IT'S HER BIRTHDAY TOMORROW DIDN'T YOU.]

Did you know you are excruciatingly difficult to shop for? [Present dumped on him]

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